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” I am a seeker of light, the light in me and the light in you. Draw into the light our inner child, so that we can parent from a place of fullness, of true love for ourselves and allow our children to grow and be in their authentic self. “

My heart has always had a deep love for our “small people”.  I am in awe how they show themselves , when we carefully peer into their eyes, observe and listen.

What children offer and teach us about ourselves,  makes parenting an incredible journey of self discovery. If we are willing to put our ego, our need to control, and our vision of “how it should be” to the side, this next generation of “small people” can thrive beyond us.

I am passionate about supporting you on your parenting journey, to become more mindful and present, in allowing your children the space to be truly who they can show up to be.

Yes, our children are incredibly important, but how we show up to parent, creates the changes. I truly believe our children do not need fixing.

Parenting and raising the next generation of people is the most important journey of your life. It can be overwhelming, thankless, uplifting, heart filling. Yet with all the preparation in the world, it will still have you questioning your decisions.
Each child is different, unique and whole. The one constant in this is you. How do you assume this task ? Are you willing to learn from them? Do you feel fulfilled, joyful and that you are enough?

My mission is to support you in showing up as the parent you want to be.

Parenting is hard, some days really hard and you do not have to do it alone. Let’s chat to see if I am the right coach for you.


R A I S I N G  C O N F I D E N T


What Is Your Ultimate Parenting Goal

I am so excited that you are interested in changing the way we are raising our children. It really is an incredible journey of getting to know ourselves better and fully showing up as our best selves.
It can be scary..it is hard.. but I will be holding your hand along the way supporting you in all the ways I know how.

Course starts 2019 , runs  4 weeks in 2019

There are 4 sections to the course all supporting the conscious parenting way.
FEAR – How it rules the way we parent and stops us from being as present as we would like to be.
HOW WE GET IN THE WAY –  What is it that we do that alters who our children are. That is our “stuff” to deal with and does not need to be passed on.
GET OUT OF THEIR WAY – Practical real life ways to do this, to truly let our children be their authentic shiny selves.
MOVING FORWARD –   Implementing conscious parenting strategies into your everyday world.

This course is jam packed with real life situations and with inquiry questions as we go along so that you have things to ponder and dive into when you discover yourself in the scenarios and questions.

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On Nov 11 course will be emailed. Support begins in our private Facebook group where we will be diving into one section at a time.

Let’s build our tribe, get connected to other like minded mamas and show up for ourselves.

Video link
 emailed each Sunday regarding current topic and going over main points.
Facebook Live Tuesday opening up conversation to share and support you. Join live or leave your questions in the group.
Yoga Poses offered each week with some breath work to embody the material into the physical
Centering Meditation is offered each week to help guide you to stillness, bring you to the present moment, reminding you of your fabulous self.
Impromptu Facebook Live sessions

You will have a parenting coach in your pocket for 4 weeks. I really believe in this material and in supporting mothers, on their conscious, parenting adventure !


To confirm your spot, receive your course and to be added to our private Facebook group,
e-transfer $157.00 CAD to yoga4youngsters@mail.com by Fri Nov 9 after you register.

Meet Anja

”  I feel like I was born for this  !  “

In fact, I feel like I have been doing this for years. I used to babysit for many families throughout my teen years and I loved babysitting during the day where I got to play and hangout with these lovely little people..well not all were so lovely..one locked me in the bathroom and sat outside laughing very impressed with herself.

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“I loved the session I had with you Anja. I am still implementing your tips and enjoying so much more grounded time with Maia. You’re the best! “

Katie Lipman

“Anja has a beautiful way of helping you unearth the issue without making you feel at fault. Her suggestions are helpful in a way that makes you feel empowered to make positive change. Her gentle demeanour and loving advice is very much appreciated and I would love to work with her again. “

Melanie Heustis

 “I wanted to say to anyone considering hiring Anja, I had a session with her and it helped me immensely. I have wanted to stop breastfeeding my two year old for a couple months now because I feel so done with it…..the tips she gave me in just one hour have not only made me feel more present with my daughter but she has STOPPED NURSING without any fighting or struggle! I am so glad we had our session together. “


 “Since working with Anja I have shifted my perspective and see my son for all that he’s becoming. I am managing my energy better too. I’ve even been asked for a hug. “


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